Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Little Fish

So with summer in full swing, we are swimming at my parents house as much as possible. At the beginning of the summer James was apprehensive, to say the least, about getting into the water. Even though his memory seems to be impeccable, it was as if he had completely forgotten how much he enjoyed swimming last year. He eventually got into the pool with much hesitation, but would not move from the steps. Little by little, he started warming up to the idea of swimming again. He used to only get off the steps as long as one of us was holding him, then one day out of the blue, he wanted to swim on his own. Now we have a hard time even getting him out of the pool. Here's a snippett of him swimming all on his own using a noodle.

To avoid his apprehension of swimming reoccuring next summer, I plan on enrolling him in swim classes over the winter. Hopefully he will continue to enjoy swimming as much as he does now.

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