Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James' Surgery

As many people know James recently developed a cyst on his right cheek. At first I didn't think anything of it and thought it would just go away, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger. I feel partially responsible because cysts are something that run in my family. I had one removed from my temple when I was a super young and most recently I had one removed from my right upper arm which had grown to the size of softball! My father gets the all the time as well, so it's really his fault ;-). I guess I'll take cysts over malignant tumors any day. My brave little boy did amazingly well leading up to the surgery and after the surgery. We were incredibly proud of how well he did at being brave. I had a little bit of a rougher time with it...he is my first born baby after all. I already knew Dr. Novick was a great plastic surgeon because he had done a number of surgeries on my father with fantastic results, but it was the anesthesia that always freaks me out. Luckily we had a wonderful anesthesiologist who was able to put most of my fears aside. After James was given his "happy" medicine the doctor asked him to tell him a joke, which resulted in one of the funniest videos. I'm not necessarily proud I took the video, but it definitely will be something fun to show his future wife ;-).

James before surgery

James after surgery

Jackson's 1 year photos

It's hard to believe but my sweet baby Jackson is almost 1 year old. He will turn 1 year this coming Saturday on August 23rd. After losing Maddie I wasn't sure I would ever get over the pain and sorrow I was feeling, but Jackson has helped tremendously to heal the pain I was feeling. He is an absolute joy and brings me happiness everyday. I still grieve the loss of my sweet baby girl everyday, but having Jackson has shown me that some things are truly meant to be even if we never understand them. On a brighter note, I recently had 1 year photos taken of Jackson by the extremely talented Brenda Marafioto and they couldn't have turned out better. It helps that the subject is probably the cutest baby ever to walk on earth (I'm not biased at all ;-)), but I am so pleased how these turned out. Prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness :-)

My precious blue eyes

He's always sticking his tongue out

I'm shocked he left the hat on

Too precious for words!

What a cutie!

black and white

"Hey Ladies!"

Jackson with his smash cake

Going for the candle


He's so serious about cake

The face plant

Loving it!

Happy Baby!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Port A trip with the Byrds

We just recently got back from a nice relaxing trip to the beach for one last trip before school starts. Our good friends the Byrds had rented a house down in Port A and invited us to come stay with them for their last week. As always we had a great time with them and it was just what we needed before we get back into the swing of things. Here's some photos from our trip:

Jackson hanging on the beach

James and Jackson playing in the sand

playing scrabble with friends

Jackson and Tristan hanging out

McKay playing with Jackson and Tristan

McKay and Tristan

My little man

Jackson in his hole :-)

James and McKay

taking a nap in daddy's arms

James and McKay ready for our fancy dinner at Roosevelts

James and Jackson

James and McKay in front of the candy store

James in the hat he just had to have :-)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge & Six Flags Over Texas trip

James flew home from his trip to Massachusetts with his Auntie Kate and to make it easier on her we met them in Dallas to pick him up. Since we were already up there we decided to make a trip out of it. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine for a few days and then headed over to Arlington to go to Six Flags. Although extremely exhausting, it was a great time for everyone. Mike's brother, Tom and his wife and kids (who live in the Dallas area) joined us for the trip and it was so good to see them and allow James to hang out with his cousins. If you haven't heard of the Great Wolf Lodge, it is a huge indoor water park with a hotel attached. They have them all over the country and this was our first time visiting. It truly is a great experience and fun for the whole family. We will definitely be going back in the future.

James in front of the water park sporting his wolf ears

Jackson loved his wolf ears too :-)

James with his cousin Tommy at the Gaylord (hotel/resort across the street that we had dinner at)

James in front of the big fountain at the Gaylord

photo of the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark

and another one

James with his Great Wolf Lodge dragon that he helped stuff himself

James and Jackson with their cousins Tommy and Jack at Six Flags
(disregard James' sour face, he wasn't in the mood to take a picture)

Daddy, James, Tommy and Uncle Tom on one of the rides

Mike's face is priceless

James and I on the antique cars

James and Daddy taking a dippin' dots break

James with Peppe Le Pue

James with the Coyote

This photo pretty much sums up the trip :-)

Massachusetts Trip

So this year we decided it would be good for James to spend a week or two with his Nanny and Poppy (Mike's parents) since he rarely gets to see them. We all traveled up to Massachusetts as a family and spent a few days together, then Mike, myself and Jackson headed home and left James for a week and half to get some much needed spoiling from him grandparents. He had an absolute blast with them and kept them and Auntie Kate very busy. Even though it was hard on me to leave my first-born baby for so long, I think it was very good for him and his grandparents. We are thinking of making it an annual trip in the summer and may even leave Jackson with them next year as well. Here are some photos from the trip:
James and Jackson ready for the trip to Boston

James and Poppy having a stare-off

Jackson and Nanny

Jackson and James with Auntie Kate

James in Rockport, MA

Daddy and James walking the jetty in Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA

My little man

Nanny and James

James at a local baseball game

James making homemade pizza with Nanny

James at the DeCordova Sculpture park

Hamming it up

At the sculpture park with Nanny

James with his sandcastle at the beach

James with a vampire they came across in Salem, MA

James in Salem, MA