Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2011 Family Photos

I just realized that I never created a post about the family photos we took back in November. Since I plan on making a yearly album from my blog I wanted to make sure to include them. Back in early November I had one of my good friends and sorority sisters (Heidi Rae) take our family pictures at Breckenridge Park. Although James wasn't completely cooperative and it was a little hot that day, we got some great shots. Here is a sampling from the over one-hundred photos she took. Enjoy!

One of the only good group shots we got

Nice candid moment

My little man is 3 now!

playing in the tunnels (he loved these)

really cool tree we found for James to sit in

Muscle man!

me and my little man

he's gonna be a lady-killer one of these days :-)

Would have been a great photo if James was smiling

handsome little guy

hamming it up


My little family

James and his wonderful Daddy

Love him!

Awww, love this one!

silly boy

me and my handsome hubby

awesome photo with the lighting

My little Superman! (these were his thank you cards for his birthday)

Heidi did such a great job and I can't wait for her to take our pictures again this year!

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