Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jacob's 4 month check-up

Look Who's 4 months old!

So it may have been over a week ago, but my littlest baby turned 4 months old on February 22nd. He is developing quite a little personality, but is still the easiest baby ever. He has been sleeping soundly through the night since 2 months old and he really is super laid back. Here are his stats:

Weight: 14 lbs. 2.5 oz.
Height: 24 3/4 inches long
Clothing size: 3-6 mos.
Diapers: size 2
Eating: 8 oz. bottle every 3 hours

I was comparing Jacob's 4 month update with Jackson's and he is eating significantly more than Jackson was at this age. Jackson was only eating 6 ounces and it was every 4 hours. We're lucky if we even make it three hours before Jacob wants to eat. Surprisingly he is still not a large baby. Larger than Jackson was, but smaller than James was. It's interesting to me see how they progress and grow so differently.

Sweet baby Jacob
I haven't started Jacob on solid foods yet, but I am thinking of starting to put some rice cereal in his last feeding of the day and see how he takes to it. If he does well I may begin feeding him some baby food. I hesitate to do it just because I am still struggling with Jackson's feedings (that boy is so picky!) so I'm worried I'll be stretched too thin in order to feed them both. Although mother's of multiples do it all the time so I just need to suck it up! :-)

Jacob is becoming much more vocal and I was able to catch him on video laughing away:

Things he loves:

  • Mommy & Daddy
  • His big brothers
  • Jumperoo
  • Baby TV
  • Lounging in the big green recliner
Things he hates
  • Wet or dirty diapers
  • Being hungry (he gets "hangry" like his momma ;-))
  • Tummy time
I am absolutely in love with this little boy and so excited to see where this journey with three amazing boys takes us.

My world!

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