Tuesday, May 10, 2011

James' Big Boy Dino Room

We finally finished James' bedroom and here are some pictures of the final product...he can barely get into the bed (it's a little high), but he totally loves having a big boy bed.

 James' new big boy dino themed room

 The volcano we made for James' 2nd b-day party (which was dino themed as well) ended up being perfect for the room. Notice the pterodactyls flying around (those are vinyl wall decals...love them!)

 Artwork that I painted all on my own!

 More of my fabulous artwork ;-)

 Dino rug I got from Pottery Barn

 These are the letters my friend Jen made for James' nursery and they still work in the room! We are planning on adding small floating shelves to this wall eventually

 Another view of the room (the small desk has been in Mike's family for generations!)

Bedding from Pottery Barn with James' name embroidered on the shams
(and the pillow Aunt Roar gave him)

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