Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Small Chiquita

As most everyone knows, we have a Boston Terrier named Chiquita who was our first baby. Although James can be a bit much for her, they actually get along quite well and I have been pleasantly surprised at how good she is with him.

So, a few years ago my grandmother gave me a stuffed Boston Terrier purse since we have Chiquita and because she thought it was cute. Well, I'm not really the type to carry around a stuffed animal purse so it just got thrown in the back of my closet. I came across it a year or so ago and decided to give it to James (without the strap, ofcourse...I wouldn't want my son carrying a purse ;-)). For the longest time it just sat in his room with his other stuffed animals, until recently. All of the sudden he has had the sudden urge to take his "small Chiquita" with him everywhere. I just find it absolutely adorable so I thought I'd share some pictures of James with his "small Chiquita" (that's what he calls her)

James & "Small Chiquita"


James & "Small Chiquita" ready for our walk

The real Chiquita :-)

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