Monday, February 6, 2012

James' Behavior Chart

In an attempt to improve James' behavior I created a daily behavior chart. His chart has the following behaviors on it: Today I...Behaved at school, Did not talk back, Listened on the first time, Used the bathroom by myself, Washed my hands after using the bathroom, and Cleaned up my toys.

As I previously mentioned in one of my posts ("It should be 'terrible threes' not 'terrible twos'") three is definitely a difficult age in which the child loves to push your boundaries to see how much they can get away with. We have been having a real problem with James talking back and not listening on the first time. I was hoping this would be a motivator to improve his behavior since he gets to place magnets on the chart each day and if he gets a full day of magnets, he can get a new Disney movie.

(Side note: I recently joined the Disney Movie Club and we got the first 5 movies for less than a dollar each...check it out:  It ends up being a really great deal).

We have been doing the chart for about a week and a half and he has yet to get a full day, but I am hopeful that we will get there soon. It does appear to be working to some extent and he definitely gets disappointed when he doesn't get a magnet. Here's to hoping his behavior improves soon!

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  1. You will need to let me know how the Disney movie club works out. I had been looking in to it awhile back but then read so bad reviews online about it.