Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shaving foam art

I've recently been inspired by pinterest and various blogs to try some new activities with James. Last week we tried shaving foam art work. Here's what you need to do the project:

shaving foam, food coloring, large Tupperware container, paper and something to stir with (we used straws)

You then spray the shaving foam into the Tupperware in an even layer and add drops of food coloring to the shaving foam (this is something the little one can help you out with)

Then you can have your little helper mix around the shaving foam and food coloring to make it swirly

 Here's what it should look like
Once it is swirled to your liking, you lay a piece of paper down on top and press down lightly. When you lift up the paper you are left with a beautiful swirly piece of artwork.

Lay them out to dry overnight and voila, you have some very pretty artwork.

Once they were completely dried I cut them out into heart and star shapes. I made the heart one into a garland by punching a hole through them and placing them on a piece of ribbon. Now we have a valentines decoration for years to come. The stars I just taped to the window.

James really enjoyed this project so it is definitely something we will be doing again. It's cheap, easy and fun!

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