Thursday, June 23, 2011

1st Dentist Appointment

So yesterday we had James' first visit to the dentist and I was thrilled at how well he did. I have actually been putting it off for a while just because I was afraid he wouldn't cooperate at all. Much to my surprise he did exceptionally well and we were even able to get some x-rays of his teeth. The dental assistant told me that they rarely can get x-rays with children his age, but he was all for it. I loved the Pediatric Dentist we went to (Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry). They are definitely geared towards children, with a video gaming room, tv's tuned to children's programming, and a large fish tank to mesmorize the children. Here's a picture of James playing in the video game room:

It's a large structure that looks like a big coral reef with tv screens inset in it with touch screen games. The kids can even crawl under the strucutre, which James loved. It was the coolest thing I've seen. After playing here for a while, we were called back to the room where James was able to brush the big yellow dog's teeth:
This allowed him to get comforable with the idea of letting the dentist look in his mouth and it worked like a charm...

Here he is waiting for the dentist to take a peek in his mouth, with the cool shades on and everything :-). The dentist said his teeth look great, although they could tell he had fallen a couple of times and hit his teeth, which is very commom among boys his age. They also said that he grinds his teeth, which I guess I shouldn't be surprised by since both myself and my husband do the same. Once his permanent teeth come in, I see a night guard in our future. They told me that I should be flossing his teeth as well as brushing them twice a day. All I have to say is, I have a hard enough time brushing his teeth and now you want me to get him to sit still long enough to floss...HA! Well, I guess I'll try, but I don't see it becoming an every day thing until he's a little older.
All in all, I was very happy with how his first visit went. Fingers crossed it goes just as well the second time around in 6 months.

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