Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas #1

This year we went up to Massachusetts to spend Christmas with Mike's family and therefore had to do an early Christmas with my parents so that James could open up presents with them. Everybody always gets a kick out of a three year old's excitement when opening up presents, so they couldn't miss it. The Sunday before we left for New England, we had a nice turkey dinner with my parents and then proceeded to open our presents. James barely even wanted to eat since he was so excited about the presents, but we eventually convinced him to eat. Here are some photos from the evening:

My goofball ready open his presents

I know it's blurry, but this the only family picture we took for all of Christmas :-(

James with Papa & Gigi
(of course he wouldn't cooperate for the photo, little stinker!)

James with the big bear we got him for Christmas

ready to open gifts!

"Ooooh, look what I got!" (Disney stories with a reader so we don't have to read :-))

I think James had just as much fun handing out everyone's presents as he did opening his own

I asked him to pose with his Thomas the Train gift and this is what I got :-)

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