Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in New England

This year we ventured up to Chelmsford, Massachusetts to spend Christmas with Mike's parents and sister. It has been a couple of years since we were able to spend a holiday with them so it was really nice that we got to spend a full week with them. I was also excited about the opportunity for James to play in snow. The last time we were up there for Christmas was when he was only 1 year old so he didn't really fully appreciate the playtime in the snow, but I knew he would this time. Much to my chagrin, there wasn't any snow on the ground when we got there and the forecast didn't indicate that we were to get any of significance while we were up there, so that bummed me out. Auntie Kate, however, was determined to find some snow for James to play in, so we ventured out one day and drove north to find some. An hour later, we came across some snow! And James absolutely loved it!
James throwing snow at Auntie Kate

James wanted to go snow tubing over and over and over again

Making snow angels with Auntie Kate
The rest of the week, we tried to keep James occupied with activities. One afternoon we headed to an Enchanted Village, which apparently existed when James' Nanny (Mike's mom) was a little girl and has since been refurbished. They had the enchanted village complete with snow machines, a Santa to get pictures with and a Christmas laser show, which despite the long wait, was actually quite entertaining, especially for a three year old.

James on Daddy's shoulders at the Enchanted Village with the snow falling

James at the Enchanted Village

One of the many scenes in the Enchanted Village.
(The mannequins actually moved and were quite creepy, but James seemed to enjoy it)

James with Santa Claus
James had an absolute blast with is Nanny, Poppy and Auntie Kate and didn't even want to leave. Here are some of the photos from the remainder of the trip.

Making cookies for Santa with Auntie Kate

On Christmas morning, ready to open presents

Digging into his Santa bag

James and Auntie Kate wearing the ridiculous glow-in-the-dark glasses Poppy got for them

It wasn't a white Christmas, but we did get some flurries. Here's James attempting to catch some on his tongue.

Making a gingerbread house with Auntie Kate
I'm actually bummed that I didn't get photos of James with his Nanny and Poppy, but we had a wonderful time and look forward to many more holidays with them. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays!

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