Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The San Antonio Riverwalk at Christmas

This past weekend we headed down to the San Antonio Riverwalk with some of our good friends, the Hutchisons, to see the new lights on the Riverwalk. They have a son a little bit younger than James and I knew the boys would really enjoy seeing all of the Christmas lights. I have grown up going to the Riverwalk every Christmas and now I will have the opportunity to create the same tradition for my family. This year they used different lights (the new LED lights) and wrapped the trunks of the trees as opposed to draping them over the canopy. I have to say, the new lights and set up did not disappoint. They were incredibly vibrant and very pretty. The only complaint I have is that they didn't do more of the trees, but I can understand why since it had to be very time consuming. Here are some of the photos from the evening (these were taken with my phone so they're not the best, but you get the idea):

A view of some of the lights on the river

The family (of course James is being difficult)

James and Mommy

James and his buddy Logan eating their ice cream

James and Daddy

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