Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY Easter Wreath

Gotta love Pinterest! I was looking for an easy Easter wreath to make and where better to look than Pinterest. With numerous options available I settled on the plastic egg glitter wreath. Check it out!

The finished product
You start by getting those readily available and cheap plastic eggs that you can find anywhere. Then you need toothpicks, a foam brush, modge podge, iridescent glitter, foam wreath form, ribbon and clear enamel spray paint.

Start by sticking each egg on a toothpick (either in the small hole available or use the egg's opening) and then place them in Styrofoam. Then using the foam brush paint, one at a time, paint each egg with the modge podge and sprinkle with the glitter.

Here's James working his magic :-)
Then place those eggs back in the Styrofoam to dry. Here's a picture of the eggs finished and drying:

Once they are dry you can spray them with the clear enamel to help keep the glitter in place. Once they're are completely dry you can glue them to the wreath form. First wrap the form in ribbon so that the form doesn't show through. Then using a hot glue gun, glue your eggs to the wreath. Add a ribbon for hanging and viola! you have a glitter Easter egg wreath.

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