Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Another year, another spring break. Unfortunately we couldn't travel this year since Mike had to be out of town, but I tried to make sure I kept James busy with activities. On Monday we attempted to make paper mache eggs using balloons and tissue paper. I haven't actually finished them yet, but here's some pictures of James having a ball:

We first had to tear up the tissue paper into pieces

Then using modge podge you adhere the tissue to the balloon

James hamming it up

James with the "almost" finished products
I think I need to add another layer or two of tissue paper, then paint it with glitter glue to make it pretty. Once that dries I can pop the balloons and I'll have paper mache eggs to use for decoration. These also look like they would make adorable hot air balloons. You just would need to attach a little basket underneath and hang them. Just another option.

On Tuesday my best friend and I were planning on going to pick strawberries (a yearly tradition now), but they happened to be closed that day (hopefully we can go this week). So we decided to go the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch instead. This is somewhere you can drive your car through and animals will come up to the car to be fed. James really enjoyed them, but was very disappointed that the Zebras weren't out.

James feeding one of the animals (these ones were ruthless)

checking out one of the animals (don't remember what these were)

James and the Llama

We were able to feed baby goats in the petting zoo afterwards, which James really enjoyed
On Thursday we headed to the zoo with my sister-in-law and cousins Louisa and Aiden. By the way, remind me never to go to the San Antonio Zoo on Spring Break. Talk about a mad-house. We luckily got there early in the morning, but it was still crazy crowded and by the time we left around noon it was three times as crazy. Despite that, the kids had a good time as always.

James and Aiden studying the map

checking out the black bears

Again with the map (little boys and maps!)

James and Aiden on the hippos
To wrap up the week we headed to the Magik Theatre to see "If You Take a Mouse to School". I highly recommend taking your kids to one or two of these shows. The theatre is great and there is an amazing playground (of course I didn't get pictures) right outside of it to have a picnic lunch afterwards. I definitely plan on taking James back there throughout the year.

James reading his activity book waiting for the show to start

James waiting for the show (we sat up the balcony so the kids could see a little better)

James and his buddy Josh from school
All in all it was a great Spring Break, but I am definitely glad James is back in school this week and Mommy can have some alone time :-)

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