Sunday, November 18, 2012

James' Birthday Celebration at School

I just love James' school. They are so amenable to anything you want to do for your child's birthday. I made special birthday strawberry muffins for the class to share at snack time and then we brought a fully loaded Batman pinata for the kiddos to smash. Unfortunately the only Batman pinata I could find was a pull string one, but I figured they could still smash it. Apparently they are actually tougher to break than regular pinatas, but the kiddos still had fun. It ended up breaking at the top where it was hanging from the tree before we even made a dent in it, but we just improvised. It was really nice for James to be able to celebrate with all of his friends from school since many of them couldn't attend his party. Hard to believe my little baby boy is already 4 years old. Hopefully he doesn't grow up too fast.

James and his buddy Alessa

James getting happy birthday sung to him

The birthday boy swinging away

James and all his friends

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