Sunday, April 28, 2013

James Fiesta School Parade

This year I was really excited about James' school Fiesta parade because I knew he was in Ms. Martha's class this year so they get to make their own fiesta float to wear. In this case the float is a cardboard box that they can decorate to pull along with them or wear around their bodies. James and I had a great time working on his float and it turned out super cute. Of course the day of the parade, while waiting for the parade to start, some of the balloons and feathers we had affixed to the float decided to fall off, sending James into a slight temper tantrum, but luckily we were able to overcome it. He and his classmates along with the rest of the children from the school were incredibly cute and we had a great time. I just wish Daddy could have been there, but alas he was out of town on business. Next year!

James all ready for the parade

James and his float minus a couple of balloons

my moody child upset about his balloons falling off of his float

all of the festive kiddos parading around

James with a couple of his classroom buddies

James enjoying his special fiesta snack of nachos

piƱata time!

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