Wednesday, November 20, 2013

James' Pirate Party

This past weekend we had James' 5th birthday party and it was Pirate themed. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Mike planned a whole treasure hunt, which the kids really enjoyed. We had a bounce house and the weather, although a little hot, turned out great. Here's some pictures to document the fun of the day:

Pirate Decorations
Close-up on the treasure chest
The spread the day of the party
James' Pirate cookie cake
James in his pirate shirt with his buddy Brynn
James and Logan on the bounce house
The mini-pirates listening to the treasure hunt instructions
The kiddos on the hunt
Checking the treasure map
The first treasure, pirate swords
The second treasure, personalized shovels to dig up the treasure
Digging for buried treasure
Pirate treasure (bags included chocolate coins and jewels)
All the kiddos after the treasure hunt
James getting Happy Birthday sung to him
blowing out the candles
I still can hardly believe my baby boy is 5 years old. Where does the time go? Looking forward to many more awesome birthday parties in the future. Thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family for making the day so special!

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