Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NYE 2013

So we have officially begun the tradition of having an annual New Year's Eve party. I wish I had taken a picture of all of the fireworks Mike bought for this years party, but let's just say he went a little overboard (almost $500 worth!). My husband is definitely becoming a bit of a pyromaniac, but it does make for a good party. The set up of last years party was such a success so I did another potluck. We were committed to making a Texas barbecue brisket to be served with homemade barbecue sauce and Hawaiian rolls, so Mike was attached to the smoker all day, but it was well worth it. The brisket turned out super delicious. We had a great turnout of friends and were thrilled that Mike's brother, sister-in-law and cousins Tommy and Jack were able to come into town to celebrate with us. The weather was a little chilly, but it was perfect for using the fire-pit and completely clear for shooting off fireworks. All in all the party was a complete success. We did have one little scare however. At around 12:30 right after Mike finished the firework finale we were looking for James and couldn't find him anywhere. Mike was frantically looking for him everywhere and all of the other kids were in the house and accounted for. That was when our friend Courtney saw something laying in the grass way in the back yard. Mike bolted back there completely freaked out...was he hurt or worse, dead? Luckily he had just fallen asleep by the back tree watching the fireworks. We can laugh about it now, but it was definitely scary. I was so busy taking care of Jackson, that I luckily had little idea of what was going on until after we found him. Note to self, make sure your children nap before staying up until midnight for New Year's Eve...although it's like pulling teeth to get James to nap. We are looking forward to having many more New Year's Eve parties for years to come.

Jackson all dressed up for the party ;-)
James with his cousin Tommy before the party
Most of my family minus Jackson (he was napping) before the party
Ashling, Lorelai and McKay
My bestie Margaret and Krys
He was very proud of his brisket
Karen and Dana
Kelson and Courtney
Jessica and I
The men and the fireworks
Margaret, Courtney and Yvette with baby Jackson
James with is super long morning glory sparkler
Cousin Tommy, Lyla, McKay and James enjoying some fireworks
One of the fireworks
The cozy warm fire 
Jackson and Yvette (he loved watching the fireworks)
McKay, Lyla and James toasting to the New Year (don't worry it's just sparkling cider)
My hubby manning the fire
a shot of the beautiful fireworks

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