Tuesday, April 3, 2012

James' Light Table

I was recently inspired by one of the blogs I follow (Play At Home Mom) to create a light table out of James' train table (which he rarely ever played with anymore). It seemed relatively simple and inexpensive, and since I have a handy hubby I figured he could do it easily. Well, it was a little more work than anticipated, but it turned out great and James really enjoys it.

The completed light table without the plexiglass top

The completed table
We found the plexiglass at a local glass store, but they can be found online as well. You just want to be sure to use white plexiglass so that you can't see directly through.

One project that I though James would enjoy was to play with some water beads on the light table. If you haven't seen these, they are usually used for flowers because they give off water slowly and they look pretty in the vases. You can find them in most craft stores. They feel really interesting to run your fingers through and look really cool on the light table. The pictures really don't do them justice.
red water beads on light table
My goofy boy

My baby niece, Louisa, getting in on the action (she loved them too)

I am looking forward to doing many more projects on the light table and think it will be a wonderful thing to have in the years to come. So if this doesn't look like too daunting of a project to you, I highly recommend making one. The instructions on how to make it can be found here on Play At Home Mom. Enjoy!

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