Sunday, April 29, 2012

NIOSA 2012

Like every year we had a great time at NIOSA. As some of you know we have a booth down at NIOSA called the Bolsa booth. We sell painted paper bags. My step-mother has been in charge of the booth for nearly 30 years now and I look forward to eventually carrying on the tradition. It's a great booth to have because it is very laid back. Back when NIOSA (which stands for Night In Old San Antonio) started it had more local artwork that was on display for purchase. Over the years it has become more about the food and the drinking, but we continue to sell painted bags for the benefit of the Conservation Society. We may not bring in as much money as the beer and food booths, but it is a fun booth to work in. James of course had a great time as well.

The Bolsa booth

James & I

James and daddy playing games in Clown Alley

James with his buddies William and Leena enjoying their spoils from the games

My goofy boy

James and Aunt Margaret getting down

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